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Origami supplies can be difficult to find. Because the selection at craft stores can be woefully limited, I get mine through this seller on ebay, 'thepixiegirl'. She has extensive types and colors of paper, and outstanding customer service and quick shipping.--

The Pixie Girl  


Gilad's Origami Page, with lots of links to origami diagrams so you can get folding!


The story of Sadako and the 1000 Cranes, the little girl in Japan who inspired the '1000 cranes' idea.


A great crane diagram (click on the 'printable version' link on this page).

How To Fold A Paper Crane  


Origami With Rachel Katz, great models that range from very simple to a bit more complex:


Interested in performing your OWN 'Random Act of Kindness' (RAoK)? Want to start your own project or see what others are doing?  Click here to get inspired!

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation  


Love finding (or leaving!) Hidden treasure?  Try Geocaching! Imaginative outdoor fun for the entire family!


            Nothing to do with origami, but here is a link to my chickenkeeping information site,


My Velvet Sparrow Twitter page:


          My blog, Jack’s Henhouse–it covers everything from origami to family to chickens!:


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